Pass Oracle Exam With High Score

Pass Oracle Exam With High Score

Why did I write this article?

When I was preparing for Java 8 OCA and OCP I found a lot of useful articles about subjects on Habr that helped me to choose the optimal path and save a considerable amount of time.

When I started preparing for OCA Oracle Database SQL (1Z0-071) I didn’t find any materials on Habr about this matter and found there to be limited information available on the Internet. Because of this I decided to write a complete guide in order to help others who are interested in this certification to help them save time and successfully pass what I consider to be a pretty hard exam.

Why did I decide to prepare for the exam?

The main reason was my desire to streamline the knowledge that I had acquired throughout my years of study and work and fill in all the gaps. I also wanted to know what level of understanding the database vendor itself, in this case, Oracle, expects from developers.

I decided that simply reading a book about SQL was not enough as without real practice it would be easy to assume that I have a firm understanding of everything I have read. However, it became apparent that when preparing for certifications I would be required to complete tests on almost every detail of the book. This would entail reading and re-reading everything in great depth, which as you can imagine, was extremely time consuming.

I began to ask myself if I could read a book and practice detailed test questions, then why do I need to pass an official certification? As an additional motivation.

It was then, that it became clear to me that when taking tests, I can involuntarily take pity on myself and forgive my shortcomings, but the real exam will not allow for such flaws in my understanding and the certification is a fairly objective measure of knowledge.

Furthermore, you can show the certification to your current employer or use it as an additional credential for future employment. Hypothetically, it should characterize you as a person who can set your own goals, and show dedication through your ability to plan, prepare by process a large amount of information whilst developing a firm understanding of the course content at depth.

To conclude, the main reasons for obtaining the Oracle Database Certification were to gain confidence in my own knowledge and a certification badge that can now be displayed and used to great advantage.